As some of you might have noticed, this wiki hasn't really changed that much since I first created it. But don't worry - I'm working on it. Just this week I visited this page again and decided: enough is enough - it's time to start working again! This amazing series deserves a wiki of it's own, a place for the fans to enjoy.

It will take quite some time, but I will give my best to make something great of this page. It would be so great if I had people to help me out. I know some of you have already done that and I'm so grateful for that! You are also welcome to give me advice on how to make this wiki better - I'm always interested in how to make things better!

Still, I don't have as much time to build this page as I did in the summer, since my first year of university has started and I have a lot of studying to do. But I do have some free time, and if you guys also participate we will make it. :)

- Waterwecna

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