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Teri Lee

Teri is Jane Bingum's personal assistant at Harrison & Parker. She is snarky and sarcastic but has a good heart. She always gets the job done and doesn't put up with anybody's attitudes.

Early lifeEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

She starts dating former attorney Grayson Kent


Jane BingumEdit

Teri is Jane's assistant. They have an excellent relationship, and Teri helps Jane with cases.

Grayson KentEdit


Jay ParkerEdit

While Teri and Parker's relationship is not thoroughly examined, during season 1, Parker tries to replace Teri because he doesn't like the way she dresses and sees her as unprofessional. While he was unsuccessful in his attempts, it is later revealed that Teri dresses the way she does to annoy parker.

Kim KaswellEdit

Teri dislikes Kim from the beginning of the series, as you see her call her a bitch in the first episode. But sometimes, Teri and Kim connect well. 

Stacy BarrettEdit

At first she disliked Stacy, telling her that H&P is not a gym when they were exercising with Jane.


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