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Kim Kaswell is a colleague of Jane who has always looked down on her for being overweight. Later it is shown that Kim is actually jealous of Jane because she is successful and very smart. Still, she herself is also definitely good at her job, although she hasn't had the success Jane has. In the beginning of season 1 she was interested in Grayson, although they did not date for a long time. Later she becomes Jane's rival and becomes much closer to Parker.

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In season 5, Kim deals with being pregnant without Parker, who went to Canada to be with Elisa Shayne and their son. At first it seemed like Parker was just going to visit Elisa and Eric, but it soon became evident that he wasn't coming back to help Kim with the child. He does offer to pay Kim money to help with expenses, but Kim turns him down.

Kim's issues with Parker begin affecting her work in Secret Lives, in which Kim represents her friend Molly about stopping her alimony payments to her deadbeat ex-husband, however she manages to resolve her issues.

In Fool for Love, she feels the need to compete with Vanessa when she returns in the episode as her opposing counsel by buying the top-of-the-line stroller Vanessa boasted about getting, but when she sends Paul to get her one, he accidentally gets her a knock-off just in time for Vanessa to see. However to make it up to her, Paul gets Kim the right stroller and even pretends to be Kim's boyfriend when Vanessa begins making remarks to Kim, trying to "make [Kim] feel small."

Kim's father returns to retain her help in Miss Congeniality after he loses a job coaching sports, and they make progress in their relationship.

Kim goes into labor in 50 Shades of Grayson while on a case and presents her final arguments with the use of a webcam while in labor. She eventually gives birth to a son, whom she names Noah.

In Trust Me, Kim is out on maternity leave so she is not seen on the episode; she is mentioned, however.



Kim working with Jane
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It was clear from the start that Kim didn't like Jane, even before her body got inhabited by Deb. In episode 1 she took pride in her new Prada bag (which turned out to be a fake) before Jane and Teri, and told Jane that no one under 50 wears a brooch. Their relationship hasn't improved a lot since season 1 because they still can't be considered friends. Kim has also referred to Jane as "her least favorite attorney at the firm or on Earth". Possibly one of the reasons Kim doesn't like Jane is because she sees her as a duck - sweet and innocent above water, but underwater, their legs are "churning," according to Kim. She also compared Jane to a shark.




Kim had an on/ off relationship with Parker and had his child in 50 shades of Grayson




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