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Last edited on June 8, 2013
by Waterwecna

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Jane Bingum is the daughter of Elaine Bingum. She was a brilliant but a shy attorney who died protecting her boss Jay Parker. Later her body gets inhabited by the soul of Deb Dobkins, a model who died at the same time as her but returned to Earth. Now, Jane is not only smart but outgoing as well, and a lawyer that is not only smart but also good hearted. Jane has no memories of her former self, and finds out more about her life as the story continues. Besides being a great lawyer, Jane is also a very good singer and a dancer. She also tends to have colorful dreams, which most of the time have some songs and performances in them. Jane is also best friends with Stacy and has a guardian angel named Luke.

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Jane handles the case of a man whose wife committed suicide after being rejected for a reality TV makeover show. Parker is thrown by a case of two women fighting over a guinea pig they claim is their mutual reincarnated lover and by the appearance of his son at the firm. Stacy gets Teri to help her open her "pakery." .
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Grayson and Vanessa's wedding doesn't go as well as planned when a gunman steals their wedding rings from Jane. Jane finds the real reason why a gunman held her at gunpoint and reluctantly decides to represent him in court, but he goes against her legal advice. Meanwhile, Grayson's new case revolves around a "rogue camel milker". Teri offers Grayson and Vanessa dancing lessons and Kim is helps Jane with her case.

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Who has the best haircut?

Stacy Barrett, Jane's best friend. She lives together with her, is the inventor of pake and owns the pakery.

Stacy Barrett

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Kim Kaswell, the coworker of Jane. She is a successful and a very smart lawyer.

Kim Kaswell

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  • ...that the show was originally planned for FOX? When FOX passed on the project, Lifetime was the channel that picked up this show and put it to production.
  • Drop Dead Diva is being shot in Peachtree City, Georgia, and Senoia, Georgia although its background setting is Los Angeles, California?
Drop Dead Diva Season 4 finale promoDrop Dead Diva Season 4 finale promo. (00:31, 33 views)
"- So, I'm confused, Freddy. With Kim gone, why are you still on her desk?
- Free coffee, free office supplies, and I am building a plantation on "Farmville". Why would I leave?
Teri and Fred