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  • Mattsmithfan12

    Doctor Who

    March 9, 2015 by Mattsmithfan12
    Doctor Who, is a timetravling, 2 hearted, human. He is a Timelord.Timelord- A person from theplanet Gallafry.There are 12 Doctors and tecnley there are about 15 or 14. David Tennet had about two regennerations. David Tennet is the 10th Doctor and in his 3 seasons he has had a total of 3 regenerations. Doctor Who season 7 Matt Smith Doctor Who vids.
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  • AlwaysJustThatGirl

    Watched the series finale tonight...I thought it was pretty good.

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  • JennaRules

    Looks like there aren't very many active users or admins on here :/

    Is there anyone out there who is still keeping up with this wiki? If so, please respond :)

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  • Waterwecna

    A hard days work

    January 13, 2012 by Waterwecna

    Wow... What a day it has been. I've worked on this wiki a lot today, adding a lot of pictures and pages. It actually starts to look like a real wiki. It's a joy to see how everything starts work and function.

    As I've searched through the web for information and pictures, I've become more and more sure that "Drop Dead Diva" is in dire need for a site that offers all of the information on this series! It is definitely one of the most amazing series in TV right now, yet it doesn't even have a proper fanbase! Well, it's about to chance.

    Also, building your own wiki from scratch is a lot of fun. I hope it will become an awesome site for the fans to enjoy. I'll definitely continue working on this site in the coming days, so be ready for a surpris…

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  • Waterwecna

    A start

    January 12, 2012 by Waterwecna

    As some of you might have noticed, this wiki hasn't really changed that much since I first created it. But don't worry - I'm working on it. Just this week I visited this page again and decided: enough is enough - it's time to start working again! This amazing series deserves a wiki of it's own, a place for the fans to enjoy.

    It will take quite some time, but I will give my best to make something great of this page. It would be so great if I had people to help me out. I know some of you have already done that and I'm so grateful for that! You are also welcome to give me advice on how to make this wiki better - I'm always interested in how to make things better!

    Still, I don't have as much time to build this page as I did in the summer, since …

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